Did you ride your bike to work today?

May and June are the official bike months for a lot of emissions sensitive states in the US. In San Francisco, today is the day to pedal your keister to work. Throughout the summer, bike coalitions throughout the states will be working with motorists, city planners, traffic control, neighborhoods and everyone who knows how to ride a bike in an effort to decrease the amount of cars on our roads and increase the number of two wheeled, human powered vehicles.

With all this biking going on, dailymile wont be left behind. We’ve partnered with Clif Bar to help fight climate change with your commutes to work. Our goal is to collectively avoid 100,000 car trips. Clif Bar is donating $100,000 to nonprofits who are leading the fight. To learn more check out 2milechallenge.

Find routes, safety information, events, bike shops, and more from your local bike coalition. Here are a few to get you started:

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