dailymile poll: whose shirt is the ugliest?

Our participants in today’s poll are all fighting for chance to be the owner of dailymile’s ugliest t-shirt. Vote for your favorite (or least favorite depending on how you look at it) ugly t-shirt. Vote as many times as you want. The winner gets a free (and stylish) dailymile t-shirt to help offset their ugly running wardrobe.

To top off the ugliness of some of the t-shirts, some dailymilers sent along a story to narrate just how hideous their race shirts actually were. We even got this video of some pretty ridiculous race t-shirts. Here are some of my favorite stories from the submissions:

“Just this past Saturday, I ran the Umstead Trail Marathon near Raleigh, NC. Every year, this race chooses an “animal” to put on the shirt, the finisher’s pint glass (no medals are given out), and should you be lucky enough to land a spot in the top 15 male or female finishers, you get a hand-carved wooden plaque in the shape of the animal. They keep the animal secret until race day, so my friend and I were really excited to see what this year’s would be. A turtle? A raccoon? A deer? When we went to pick up our race packets, I was shocked (and a bit appalled) to find A TICK plastered on the front of my shirt. So yes, this is hands down the UGLIEST (albeit funniest) shirt I’ve ever owned. And to top it off, I did place in the top 15 and am now the proud owner of a handmade wooden tick with pipe cleaner arms.”

“The attached photo was the t-shirt from the 2010 Columbus Turkey Trot a 5-miler that draws 3,000 participants each year. I could not bear to model it because the orange color and the unfortunate placement of the yellow side panels made me look like a pumpkin. Can you imagine what the crowd of us looked like in these shirts? Yikes!”

“The lavender-colored legs are ugly enough, and clash with the red shirt. The tight ’70s-style short shorts add to the absurdity, and highlight the contours of the butt. Everyone picking up the shirt for this race had the same “WTF?!” look on their faces upon seeing the shirt design…”

“I am attaching a picture of the race shirt from my very first 5K, the Watermelon Run in Water Valley, Mississippi. As you can imagine, I was so, so very excited to be running my first race and almost as excited to be getting my first race tee shirt. When I saw the design, though, all I could do was laugh.
What was worst — the glaring, clashing colors? The crazy illustration of an anthropomorphic train about to run off the end of the track, improbably placed along the top of a giant watermelon? The Rocky-Mountain-esque scenery that looks nothing like Mississippi?
No, these were not the worst. The worst was the slogan of that year’s event, emblazoned in huge letters across the back of the shirt: ‘Come on and take a free ride!’ For obvious reasons, I have never worn this shirt in public.”

“Hey, Center of the Shirt, the eye is drawn to Pumphrey’s Funeral Home! (Which we used incidentally when my Dad passed in 2002.) Good people. Maybe they can help us bury this shirt?”

“It looks a little bit like the Jamaican flag threw up and out of the mess came two runners that vaguely resemble the ninja turtles.”

“Here’s an ugly tee: It’s for this year’s St. Patrick’ Day 5K in Somerville, MA. It’s not green, or orange, or white…it’s PURPLE! Yeah, when I think St. Patty’s Day, PURPLE comes immediately to mind! I think someone mixed up it up with Mardi Gras shirts! and btw, any Gaelic readers in the house??”

Voting ends on April 4th. Winners announced on April 6th.

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