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Bike to Work Inspiration

This little guy has a few words of inspiration for you to bike to work! [youtube eaIvk1cSyG8] Learn about how your commuting can help fight climate change: CLIF 2 Mile Challenge

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2011 Boston Marathon dailymile Meetup

The dailymile community sure is strong online, but once you get a chance to experience it in person, you get a chance to put faces to photos and personalities you’ve only experienced online. Your dailymile friends become that much more human, and the motivation you feel every day strengthens. This year’s Boston meetup was exceptional! The dailymile crowd gathered for dinner, drinks, and door prizes a few days before the race to celebrate the 115th running of the Boston Marathon. … Continue reading

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My first marathon

“My first marathon” is the fifth post in a series about the human side of dailymile: How We Succeed. As a part of this series, dailymilers write about their experiences as athletes struggling to overcome obstacles and solve problems with the help of their friends on dailymile. Being an athlete makes our bodies stronger, but having the support of a crowd of athletes makes our minds stronger. This series highlights the side of training that requires more than muscle power. … Continue reading

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It’s here! dailymile toilet paper

After all of our training and hard work, on race day we’re confronted with three all-important lines: the starting line the finish line the wayward line forming at the nearest port-a-potty Time things right pre-race? Then you’ve snagged a slot in a stall and you’re light in your shorts at the sound of the gun. Hooray! You’re well on your way to a PR. Mess this part up? Well, let’s just say you’ll be less than relieved at the start … Continue reading

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Achievement sticker pack

We recently had a #dailymission, “Are you for / against / or neutral on running related bumper stickers? For example 26.2 ovals, 13.1 ovals, Ironman, or ULTRA ovals”. Afterward, a dailymiler Karen K wrote me and suggested that I create stickers that dailymilers could put on their blog. I thought that was a great idea! Here is the result. I made a sticker for all distances from 5k to ultra. Show off your accomplishment with a distance sticker. Download Here

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What’s your ugliest race t-shirt?

Photo from zingersb We’re looking for the ugliest race t-shirts! Dive deep in your drawers and take a photo of your ugliest race tees. Send them to We’ll hold a vote to see which shirt is the king of ugly. If your shirt wins, we’ll replace your ugly shirt with a brand new stylish dailymile tee You have until Friday, March 11th to send us your entry. Thanks!

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How do I score a sweet dailymile sticker?

It’s easy! Send a self addressed stamped envelope to: dailymile c/o kelly korevec 1158 Page St Ste 11 San Francisco, CA 94117 Include a note, drawing, photo of what dailymile means to you. Best submission wins an official dailymile t-shirt!

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Help us compile the dailymile slang dictionary!

Do you know any words that are unique to the running, cycling, triathlon community? Help us write the dailymile dictionary! We’ll compile your submissions into a future blog post. Google Spreadsheet: Dailymile Dictionary

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dailymiler of the week Steve S.

Although it may seem a little runner saturated at dailymile, we’re not all runners. This week’s dailymiler of the week is Steve S., a cyclist from Southern California. Want to nominate your dailymiler of the week? Let us know! Kath: I’m not a cyclist (even though I called myself one back in college), so a lot of these cycling terms I read about on your blog are totally new to me. Can you help me out so I don’t have … Continue reading

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