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Introducing your 2011 dailymile team

Alright, dailymilers, they’re here and they’re excited. The 2011 team is made up of dailymilers that have been hand selected by you, the dailymile community! Before we get rolling with introductions, I have to thank the 2010 team for paving the way as our inaugural dailymile team. If you don’t know already, the 2010 team was instrumental in creating this very blog, establishing sponsorships, running community lead meetups, organizing virtual races for charity, and kicking off dailymile’s first Secret Santa … Continue reading

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Voting booths close tonight for the 2011 dailymile team

We’re closing the voting booths tonight at 11:59 Pacific Standard Time, so be sure to get in your five votes for the dailymilers that you think represent what the community means to you. Tomorrow morning (Wednesday, February 16th, we’ll be announcing the new team! Until then, good luck to everyone who applied, you’re all amazing in our book!

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Ushering in the next dailymile team 2011

Today invitations for the 2011 dailymile team were extended to a few extremely engaged members of the community – 0.0015% of members, to be exact. These dailymilers will be given an opportunity to represent the community as ambassadors. You can learn more about the program on our team’s page. What’s the dailymile team? Last year Kelly and Ben kicked off the team program with the hopes that they could find a group of people to carry out the team mission: … Continue reading

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It’s time to celebrate the season: Beer running, winter edition

There are a handful of us in the dailymile community that are dedicated to our celebrating as much as our training. All year long we work hard but now that training cycles are coming to an end and we’re all raced out, we’re ready to play hard. To help us get organized in our celebration efforts, Caleb, Brodie W. and I have put together a list of our favorite winter brews. The three of us come to the wold of … Continue reading

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Join Us for a Dailymile Meetup at the 2010 Portland Marathon

Whether you are running the race or just want to meet your visiting dailymile friends, we invite you to join us for a shake-out run and/or a no-host brunch at Three Degrees Restaurant on Portland’s waterfront. Continue reading

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Running Shoe Review: Saucony Kinvara vs. Newton Gravitas

Saucony has jumped on the minimalist running bandwagon with its recent release of the Saucony Progrid Kinvara, a lightweight (7.70z) training/racing shoe that boasts a smaller-than-usual heel-toe offset of only 4mm (this essentially means that the heel is only 4mm thicker than the forefoot). The upshot of this is that the Kinvara, with it’s relatively flat sole, is better suited than many shoes on the market to promoting a midfoot/forefoot footstrike. We decided to put the Kinvara to the test … Continue reading

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Details for the dailymile Boston Marathon pre-Meetup

After a lot of searching, calling, and coordinating, we’ve got details finalized for the dailymile meetup in Boston before the 114th Boston Marathon.  Whether you are a Boston competitor in 2010, a supporter of a competitor, or a dailymiler from the Boston area, we hope to see you there. Here’s the rundown: Saturday, April 17 Charley’s Restaurant @ 124 Newbury Street, Boston 3 PM Start Bring CASH just in case they get funky with us and we can’t pay separately … Continue reading

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Last but not least

Recording a video of yourself is difficult. Handing it off to someone who you’ve only met over the internet and then trusting that she’ll edit it, isn’t surprisingly difficult. But then knowing in the back of your head that this crazy girl is going to publish it on a heavily traffic’d blog–that’s a lot to swallow. All of us on the dailymile team already have a lot of guts, but the folks that have been introducing themselves to the community … Continue reading

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And then there were more

You must think we have dailymile ambassadors coming out of the woodwork! But I guess that’s just because dailymile is made up of such inspirational people that at the heart we’re all ambassadors. This week a few more of us from the team want to introduce ourselves–I’m calling this New England (plus). The plus is basically for everyone other than Peter L. in today’s episode. Peter L Kate M Matthew L Heather G [vimeo 10034634 560 420]

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