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Question of the week: are you a bobber or a stander (running in place)?

I’ll be honest, when I think about running in place at the intersection while waiting for that little greenish blue man to flash, I giggle a bit. The idea of it reminds me of an 80s workout video. All those people running in place, channeling their inner Jane Fonda. It seems that the running community has been split into the standers and the bobbers. This dichotomy has caused fierce judgement on both sides. The bobbers seem to embrace their extra … Continue reading

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‘Toe shoe’ benefits? Not in the military

So, the army has banned 5 fingers (or “split toe shoes”), but not for reasons you might expect. “Effective immediately, only those shoes that accommodate all five toes in one compartment are authorized to wear. The reason for that directive: The increasing popularity of toe shoes.” When I first heard of the ban, I thought it was for safety. It turns out that the shoes aren’t “professional” enough for the military. I’ve never been a huge five finger evangelist, so … Continue reading

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