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Seven Billion Hot Dogs: How much meat is too much?

This summer, Americans are will eat around seven billion hot dogs, not to mention the other bbq options: burgers, ribs, brisket, brats, etc. This trend is in part because it’s barbecue season, and we’re all firing up our grills, but some of it does have to do with the fact that more and more people are subscribing to the Paleo Diet (what’s Paleo?). I’ve been experimenting with the Paleo lifestyle here and there, and overall I’ve been happy with it. … Continue reading

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Running on Paleo: What’s fueling you?

Important note: This post is meant to be informative, NOT a promotion of the Paleo diet. Please do your own research. See your own doctor/nutritionist before making any change in your diet. I’m not, nor is dailymile, compensated in any way for the following recommendations and links. Nor am I suggesting that you run out and buy everything (be they products or even ideas) shared here. Personal homework time! It seems everywhere you turn these days, you stumble on something … Continue reading

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Stay healthy under pressure

This past weekend my household was hit with some pretty heavy life hurdles. On Saturday morning at 6am I was taking care of my very sick dog, who is dealing with a potentially terminal birth defect. Saturday afternoon brought with it news of some pretty serious family troubles. Couple these with work stresses that keep building into 2012, and we had ourselves a recipe for nutritional disaster. We started with cheetos (at least they were baked, not fried), continued with … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: Do you do coffee?

Today, I decided bring back the QOW (question of the week), and I’m kicking it off with an old classic: Do you do coffee? Caffeine is a bitter, white crystalline xanthine alkaloid that acts as a stimulant drug. Caffeine is found in varying quantities in the seeds, leaves, and fruit of some plants, where it acts as a natural pesticide that paralyzes and kills certain insects feeding on the plants. It is most commonly consumed by humans in infusions extracted … Continue reading

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Nutrition crisis: What happens when you don’t have time for lunch?

Mom always told me not to snack because I’ll ruin my dinner. Did I listen to her? Nope, I always did it anyway. Athletes make amazing grazers. We have to have some way to fuel the bottomless pit that our bodies turn into when we’re training hard. Beyond maintaining our need to constantly fuel ourselves, snacking provides a double win, it gives us energy when we’re too time strapped to think about food. “How could you not think about food?!” … Continue reading

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Waking up smooth-ie

I used to be a morning person. And by morning I mean pre-pre dawn. I would wake up at 4:30 every day for a 5-6am run along Ocean Beach, San Francisco. Why did I do this? Because 1: I have problems with insomnia, 2: it’s good for training and the metabolism, and 3: when I was 20 I acted like I was 35. These morning runs were a part of my schedule for about two years. Then one day I … Continue reading

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Question of the week: Do you do coffee?

When I go for a morning run, I usually wake up with enough time to have a quick cup of coffee. I don’t go for anything fancy, I just want it to wake me up and get me out the door [insert poop joke here]. From what I read in online science journals (ok, and Runner’s World… the go to bible for most of us) I found that caffeine, when taken in moderation, has mostly positive effects. This is good … Continue reading

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We eat GU: GU Roctane and GU Chomps review

Eating calories on a long run is a no-brainer. So as endurance athletes, we’re constantly trying out new types of fuel during our training runs so that we know what works when it comes time to run a marathon or beyond. When it comes down to it, GU is goo. While they all seem to boast roughly the same amount of calories, and some have caffeine (some don’t), the flavor is what helps keep the GU from coming back up … Continue reading

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Even More Cowbell: Brewing beer for the HAT 50k

Why “More Cowbell?”  People cheering on the sidelines can help get through a tough race, so can the idea of a good beer waiting for you at the finish.” ~ From the label of the first batch of More Cowbell Almost a year ago I ordered a one-gallon brew kit from Brooklyn Brewing Shop It was the first time I would try to brew my own beer.  I thought that I should start small and see how brewing one gallon … Continue reading

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It’s time to celebrate the season: Beer running, winter edition

There are a handful of us in the dailymile community that are dedicated to our celebrating as much as our training. All year long we work hard but now that training cycles are coming to an end and we’re all raced out, we’re ready to play hard. To help us get organized in our celebration efforts, Caleb, Brodie W. and I have put together a list of our favorite winter brews. The three of us come to the wold of … Continue reading

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