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New Feature: Privacy Settings

We’re super excited to announce a new feature that I know many of you have been waiting a long time for: privacy settings! Starting today, you can now mark your dailymile profile as private and viewable only by dailymilers with whom you’re friends. In addition, your posts will no longer show up in other feeds on the site, like the Popular feed or the #dailymission. You’ll still be able to you share your workouts to other services, like Facebook and … Continue reading

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It’s barefoot running week

About two years ago I was getting a drink with a running friend of mine at a bar in New York City after running the NYC Marathon. Like many New York runners, my friend (who lives in NYC) frequents Central Park for her training runs. That morning she was describing a scene from one of her morning runs in the park. “Kathy, they weren’t wearing any shoes! They were just jogging along barefoot and completely ignoring the dirt, cement, seeds, … Continue reading

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Share the dailymile love: a six step guide to becoming an amazing dailymiler

What are you doing right now? I know, you’re reading my dailymile blog post. What are you going to do after you’re done? Head back to dailymile, right? If you’re not going to post your own workout, I’ve got a few suggestions for what you can do while you’re there. Spend a few minutes scrolling through your newsfeed, trolling for unloved workouts. When you find one without a single comment, leave one. Do it again and again. Cover every lonely … Continue reading

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the dailymilepedia: a dailymile encyclopedia

New to dailymile? Still trying to find your way around? Puzzled by the lingo. Here’s help in the form of a glossary of sorts. Call it dailymilepedia if you like. DMer: An athlete who posts workouts on dailymile and is a part of the dailymile community is often called a DMer on dailymile. (There, now I can use that word in the rest of this post.) Leaderboard: Your leaderboard is the place you go on dailymile to see how you … Continue reading

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The zero manifesto: logging miles for the leaderboard

By guest author, Greg S. If you’d like to be a guest author, email your idea or post to the editor. A common grievance heard here on dailymile, most typically on Monday, bemoans the weekly reemergence of the nefarious zero in the weekly mileage indicator. While a majority of dedicated dailymilers undertake to quickly “zap the zero” (especially those who engage in the art of the predawn workout), there are circumstances, such as injury, other priorities, or a lack of … Continue reading

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How to make an iPhone app for dailymile

Download ElectricMiles iPhone app for dailymile (It’s Free!) The dailymile community is filled with talent that isn’t limited to athletic ability. We’ve got runners, swimmers, and cyclists: real people from all walks of life doing amazing things. Over the past year one member in particular has been hard at work building a free iPhone app for dailymile called Electric Miles. Stephen R. lives in Chicago and has been a part of dailymile since the early days. Stephen has literally dedicated … Continue reading

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dailymile Super-challenge: Feed the Turkey Virtual Turkey Trot

I’ve been looking around this past week for a good turkey trot to run this Thanksgiving, and talking with my wife and brother in-law about it so we can maybe find a race to run in the Atlanta area together.  No matter what we do, I got thinking about how fun it would be to do something a little bigger with the entire dailymile community.  So I started talking to some other dailymilers, and the idea took off.  After tons … Continue reading

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Something to talk about

When I wake up in the morning, first I like to get a cup of coffee, and then I check the dailymile mission of the day. I’ve always thought sharing the missions throughout community is a great way to get to connect with my dailymile friends and make some new ones. The mission is an easy way to start up a site wide conversation about tips/tricks, photos, stories, and especially encouragement, inspiration and motivation. And it just got easier. To get up … Continue reading

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How To: Garmin Sync

We’re excited to launch Garmin integration with dailymile. Follow these 4 simple steps to sync your Garmin device with dailymile. Thanks to the dailymile team and beta testers for helping us out! 1. Begin here. Add your Garmin Connect account. If you don’t have an account, follow the link to sign-up. 2. Press the “Sync Garmin” button under the Post Workout / Sync Devices tab. The first time you sync may take up to a few minutes. 3. Select a … Continue reading

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