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National Park Week: Seize the trail

“We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” ~ Aldo Leopold, father of ecological ethics and true Wisconsin hero May’s Running Times has a 4-page commentary in which founder Ed Ayres reflects on the state of running since the magazine’s launch 35 years ago. Since then, running has boomed from being a favored endeavor of a few thousand … Continue reading

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Go natural: Spring is (almost) here!

Have you been training mostly inside a gym or at home the past few months? Way back in November, did you stash your outdoor training gear, and haven’t seen it since? Even if you welcome the challenge of a long hard slog through sleet, snow and ice, by the time spring’s here officially, you’ll be just as psyched at rising temps as those who don’t know the wonders of nose icicles.  Yesterday, morning rush hour in Northern Illinois, we were still … Continue reading

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dailymission redux: destinations to run to

Soaring landscapes, searing heat. As part of our Destination: Run series, we thought we’d tap into what YOU feel are the elements that make your city, region of the country or world the best place for working out. By a landslide, the most vocal dailymissionaries were from the Pacific Northwest. You guys know how to represent! Ultracouchdude says Portland’s the best city to run in year round: “The climate has a nice change to it and the variety of terrain … Continue reading

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Why exploring a new trail beats a new iPad every time

We’re introducing a new series on our favorite outdoor spots to get our sweaty bliss on. We’re calling it “Destination: Run.” Have a trail or park in your area you want to rave about? Drop us a line at I love sipping hot green tea in the morning as I gear up for a new day. Like Trix boxes for the older (ahem, wiser) set, some tea bags dole out something to read with that super antioxidant boost. Recently, my little tag of … Continue reading

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