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Our interview with Mountain Biker Champion, Cam Chambers

Recently I “sat down and talked” with Cameron Chambers, a highly successful 24-hour mountain bike racer, via email. The Specialized Stumpjumper Trailcrew rider’s success on the around-the-clock scene has been and continues to be amazing. Continue reading

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Bikespiration: bike art

Bike to work month is coming to an end, but that certainly doesn’t mean we have to stop pedal commuting. There are commuters here on dailymile that take their ride to work seriously all year long, so if you have questions about staying safe, riding in the winter, or what the latest gear is, let them know. In the mean time, here are some pieces of inspiration to keep you motivated for the human powered comute. Get motivated to bike … Continue reading

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Bike commuting is not just transportation, it’s a way to live

Our post today comes from guest author Kris R., a cyclist in Seattle, Washington. This month we’ve been highlighting stories about cycling for the Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge. We’re trying to avoid 100,000 car trips by peddaling around more often. Check out the and the Clif 2 Mile Challenge and the Clif Cast for more information. It may come as a surprise to most but I’ve only really been commuting by bike for the last 2 and a half … Continue reading

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60 second confession: I sing to cows

Have something you’d like to get off your chest? Send us your 60 second confession. Email the editor.

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Learning how to ride my bike… again

“Learning how to ride my bike… again” is the ninth post in a series about the human side of dailymile: How We Succeed. As a part of this series, dailymilers write about their experiences as athletes struggling to overcome obstacles and solve problems with the help of their friends on dailymile. Being an athlete makes our bodies stronger, but having the support of a crowd of athletes makes our minds stronger. This series highlights the side of training that requires … Continue reading

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Rudy Project: Race kit review.

Rudy Project is an international company that designs and manufactures hi-tech sunglasses, goggles, helmets and a myriad of other sports accessories. Their tag-line claims they create and sell “Technically Cool” gear that it is designed to appeal to the extreme sports generation taking part in high impact activities, all while providing comfort and protection. With that said, I had the great pleasure of receiving and testing a number of products from Rudy Project over the last month. Namely, I recently … Continue reading

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Save the air, save your health: Commute to work with Clif!

This month we’re dedicating our commutes to healthy air, healthy bodies, and a happier life style (when it’s not raining), and we’re doing it with Clif Bar’s commute challenge. Check out Clif Bar’s 2 Mile Challenge page to find details about how to fight climate change and by avoiding 100,000 car trips, and give $100,000 to nonprofits along the way! Also, dailymile isn’t just for runners (although some may think otherwise). Throughout the month we’ll be featuring plenty of cycling … Continue reading

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An average cyclist’s guide to group runs

If you missed it, check out “An average runner’s guide to group rides.” You are an average cyclist who, just for cross training’s sake, has decided to start running more seriously. You’ve been out a few times on solo runs, but you want more speed. Your current plodding pace just will not do. One day you’re snooping around on the internet and discover a group run that meets every Saturday morning at a running store near your home. You note … Continue reading

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An average runner’s guide to group rides

If you missed it, check out “An average cyclist’s guide to group runs.” If you’re an average runner, used to chatty group runs with your most intimate friends, you’re in for a rude awakening should you decide to pull your 1987 Huffy out of the garage and try a group ride with the local cycling club. When you show up at the school parking lot chosen as the ride’s starting point, a cyclist or two may smile pleasantly enough as … Continue reading

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Triathlons for beginners 101: The why and the how

Photos by (respectively): Michael Foley,USFK, and Marco. Triathlon is one of those sports (OK, three sports) that has the ability to define you as an athlete and as a person. It makes you push yourself into a new perception of what you can accomplish. Triathletes come in all shapes, sizes and abilities. The thing is, no matter what your ability, you’re out there with people who will share many of the same loves and fears of the sport as you … Continue reading

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