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60 second confession: I sing to cows

Have something you’d like to get off your chest? Send us your 60 second confession. Email the editor.

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5 tips for bike commuting

Bike commuting can be intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a fun and exciting way to get to work. To get us started, we talked to one bike commuter who has been pedaling himself to work for almost six years. Noah uses alternative transportation to get himself around Kansas. Learn about how your commuting can help fight climate change: CLIF 2 Mile Challenge I started bicycle commuting back in 2006, when my car broke … Continue reading

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Did you ride your bike to work today?

May and June are the official bike months for a lot of emissions sensitive states in the US. In San Francisco, today is the day to pedal your keister to work. Throughout the summer, bike coalitions throughout the states will be working with motorists, city planners, traffic control, neighborhoods and everyone who knows how to ride a bike in an effort to decrease the amount of cars on our roads and increase the number of two wheeled, human powered vehicles. … Continue reading

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the dailymilepedia: a dailymile encyclopedia

New to dailymile? Still trying to find your way around? Puzzled by the lingo. Here’s help in the form of a glossary of sorts. Call it dailymilepedia if you like. DMer: An athlete who posts workouts on dailymile and is a part of the dailymile community is often called a DMer on dailymile. (There, now I can use that word in the rest of this post.) Leaderboard: Your leaderboard is the place you go on dailymile to see how you … Continue reading

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How to make an iPhone app for dailymile

Download ElectricMiles iPhone app for dailymile (It’s Free!) The dailymile community is filled with talent that isn’t limited to athletic ability. We’ve got runners, swimmers, and cyclists: real people from all walks of life doing amazing things. Over the past year one member in particular has been hard at work building a free iPhone app for dailymile called Electric Miles. Stephen R. lives in Chicago and has been a part of dailymile since the early days. Stephen has literally dedicated … Continue reading

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Doing two things at once: Training and Traveling (part 1)

Co-Authored by Kristen F. and Caleb M. How to find good routes, sans technology, with the help of locals. Don’t have access to the internet? No problem! My main non-internet based sources for running routes are my clients and the staff at the hotel. I am fortunate to have a few clients who are runners. In fact one of my clients is an Ironman. Before I head out, I will usually email my clients and ask them for tips on … Continue reading

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Something to talk about

When I wake up in the morning, first I like to get a cup of coffee, and then I check the dailymile mission of the day. I’ve always thought sharing the missions throughout community is a great way to get to connect with my dailymile friends and make some new ones. The mission is an easy way to start up a site wide conversation about tips/tricks, photos, stories, and especially encouragement, inspiration and motivation. And it just got easier. To get up … Continue reading

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Commute to Fight Climate Change

We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with CLIF BAR to help fight climate change! You can join the fight and help them give away $100,000 to nonprofits. 40% of US urban travel is 2 miles or less and nearly all of that travel is by car. Let’s see how many car trips can be replaced by bike. Starting today, you’ll be able to log your commutes on dailymile. You’ll find this option in the workout types drop-down on … Continue reading

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