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Celebrate your life with a milestone run

A few months ago I started to think about what I was going to do to celebrate my thirtieth birthday. The first thing that came to mind was running thirty miles. To me, it was a no-brainer. To my friends and family, it was crazy. I’ve never run more than a marathon before, but this distance on this particular day was bigger than any race I had completed or was going to start. “Running thirty miles on my thirtieth birthday … Continue reading

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dailymile Pumpkin Carving Contest: Call for Submissions

Can you turn an ordinary pumpkin into a work of art? Show off your pumpkin carving chops; send us pictures of your running, cycling, triathlon, or fitness themed pumpkin masterpieces by next Friday, 10/28. We’ll post the pictures for everyone to vote on their favorites this Halloween.
Submit your pumpkin headshots by emailing them to the editor for a Continue reading

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Did you ride your bike to work today?

May and June are the official bike months for a lot of emissions sensitive states in the US. In San Francisco, today is the day to pedal your keister to work. Throughout the summer, bike coalitions throughout the states will be working with motorists, city planners, traffic control, neighborhoods and everyone who knows how to ride a bike in an effort to decrease the amount of cars on our roads and increase the number of two wheeled, human powered vehicles. … Continue reading

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Cycling into spring! Win a Trek Concept Speed 2.5 bike!

As part of the Ford Training Team we’re excited to offer fun prizes for being active. All you have to do is log your cycling miles from April 15th until May 15th for a chance to win a Trek Concept Speed 2.5 bike, or one of 25 Joe Blow bike pumps. The winners will be picked randomly from the participants. With the Trek Concept Speed 2.5 Triathlon bike you’ll be one of the fastest triathletes on the road. Trek calls … Continue reading

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dailymile poll: Winner of the ridiculous race t-shirts gone wild contest

It may be surprising to some race directors to learn that a certain percentage of the success of their race depends on the quality of their t-shirt design. We’ve all crossed the finish line and gone to pick up the t-shirt only to find out that we just covered all that distance for something grandma could have made (apologies to grandmas who are hip to that). Race t-shirts are scrutinized, judged, examined, evaluated, inspected, and in some cases interpreted for … Continue reading

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March Miles Madness: Final Four

Those still in the March Miles Madness have come a long way. They’ve survived the distance challenge of the Round of 64. They’ve been among the fastest 5Kers left in the Round of 32. They’ve run far enough to top half the remaining field to make the Sweet Sixteen. They’ve run a fast 10K. One last distance challenge remains. The Final Four men and women will have two days to once again run as many miles as they can. Only … Continue reading

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dailymile challenge: Foolish 5

If you’d like to celebrate April Fool’s Day in a crazy way with your dailymile friends, the Foolish 5 challenges are for you! The Foolish 5 Running Challenge requires participants to run a fun 5-miler wearing an unusual outfit or strapping something unusual to their shoes. After the run is completed, the foolish runner will post their workout and then email a picture or a link to a video proving their participation to The Foolish 5 Cycling Challenge works … Continue reading

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March Miles Madness: Elite 8

March Miles Madness is down to eight men and eight women! These “elite” runners have run along way twice in the Round of 64 and the Sweet Sixteen. They’ve also made it through the fastest 5K Round of 32. It’s time to run fast again! At the end of this Elite Eight round, the top four 10Kers will advance to the Final Four and the rest will sit and watch from the sidelines. Who will advance? Click on over to … Continue reading

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dailymile poll: whose shirt is the ugliest?

Our participants in today’s poll are all fighting for chance to be the owner of dailymile’s ugliest t-shirt. Vote for your favorite (or least favorite depending on how you look at it) ugly t-shirt. Vote as many times as you want. The winner gets a free (and stylish) dailymile t-shirt to help offset their ugly running wardrobe. To top off the ugliness of some of the t-shirts, some dailymilers sent along a story to narrate just how hideous their race … Continue reading

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March Miles Madness: Round of 32

There’s nothing quite like the do or die madness in March. Lose a basketball game, just one, and you’re out! Season’s over! Pack your bags and go home! Keep winning and you’ve got a chance at hoops immortality. It’s the same with March Miles Madness on dailymile. Miss the cut on one challenge and it’s lights out! Hundreds participated in the men’s and women’s Round of 64 challenge. All are gone, but the top thirty-two mileage grabbers. For them the … Continue reading

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