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How to Run Boston (also, How Most People Get Broken at Boston)

I know that everyone who reads this post that is running the Boston Marathon on Monday has already spent more time than they would care to admit obsessing about the course profile.  You’ve probably spent a lot of time focusing on Heartbreak Hill, and in your dreams (if you are running your first Boston), you imagine getting to the base of it and seeing it stretch endlessly beyond the horizon.  But Boston requires your focus at a lot of different … Continue reading

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Ready? Set. Boston!

Are you a hardcore Boston Marathon junkie, or a newbie like me? In terms of media coverage, the Boston Marathon is the most popular single-day sporting event in the U.S. behind the Super Bowl. But, as a casual runner who only started racing two years ago, this American institution was somewhat of an enigma to me. I haven’t Bucket Listed Boston (or any other marathon, for that matter) yet, or plotted it on my race calendar. I have yet to run even a first small local … Continue reading

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A thank you letter to the Boston Marathon

Today’s post comes from guest author, Kim Cowart, a columnist for Desert News in Salt Lake City. Find Kim’s column every Wednesday at Reasons to Run. Dear Boston Marathon, I was taught at a very young age that I should always send a thank you note to anyone who has given me a gift. So, in keeping with this lesson in etiquette, I just want to thank you for the wonderful weekend you provided for me and my family and … Continue reading

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2011 Boston Marathon dailymile Meetup

The dailymile community sure is strong online, but once you get a chance to experience it in person, you get a chance to put faces to photos and personalities you’ve only experienced online. Your dailymile friends become that much more human, and the motivation you feel every day strengthens. This year’s Boston meetup was exceptional! The dailymile crowd gathered for dinner, drinks, and door prizes a few days before the race to celebrate the 115th running of the Boston Marathon. … Continue reading

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Keeping Boston “small” through storytelling
An interview with Bart Yasso

I want to be able to say that Bart Yasso and I go back many years because that’s what it felt like to interview him. Truth is, we’ve met once at a dinner for the Steps Foundation, beyond that, I’ve seen his photos and read his book (along with thousands of other runners). I’m lucky that Bart is so in touch with the running community, it makes it easy to be inspired by his stories. If life were a gauntlet, … Continue reading

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Jonathan Beverly on the Boston Marathon

Jonathan Beverly, the Editor-in-Chief at Running Times, ran his first marathon when he was sixteen. But it wasn’t until he ran Boston that he felt like he had arrived. “You spend your adolescence wanting to be a part of the in crowd,” Beverly said, “Boston is like that. Standing there on race morning I remember thinking, I have arrived. I exist. I count.” Qualifying alone brings tears to a runner’s eyes, but actually standing there on race morning, surrounded by … Continue reading

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Chatting with a champion: Q&A with Amby Burfoot

When I started running I picked up this book called The Principles of Running. I enjoyed the sport, but since all my friends questioned my sanity, I decided I should read up. The book was more of a page turner for me than The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was, and before I knew it I was tearing up with inspiration. I though, “this guy Amby knows his stuff!” Soon after that I was entered in my first marathon, with … Continue reading

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Run/Walk/Run the Boston Marathon: an interview with Jeff Galloway

Jeff Galloway considered my question a minute then answered as though thinking out loud. “Boston is as close to an Olympic experience as most people will ever get.” He hesitated a second longer and added more forcefully, “and it is pretty darn close.” As an Olympic athlete, Galloway knows what it feels like to focus on a goal, achieve the means to get there through the Olympic Trials in his case and a qualifying marathon time for the Boston Marathoners. … Continue reading

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