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Run light and smooth: an interview with “Born to Run” star, Caballo Blanco

When Logan H. (aka Unarunner) first approached me about doing an interview with Caballo Blanco I thought, “how the hell am I gonna find that guy, didn’t it take months for Chris McDougall to find him?” I voiced my concern to Logan and he replied, “isn’t that what Facebook is for?” And wouldn’t ya know it, Caballo Blanco and I became fast Facebook friends. However, the stories of Caballo going sans internet for months at a time are true. I … Continue reading

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Ryan Hall’s perspective on barefoot running

Although you’ll see him running barefoot strides after a tough track workout, Ryan Hall runs fast in his Asics. We had a chance to sit down with him during training in Massachusetts for the Boston Marathon and ask a few questions about barefoot running. [youtube daRbPekcsBQ] Ryan sticks to shoes for a lot of reasons, but mainly it’s because he feels that if you’re not used to running barefoot, don’t go gung-ho at first–start slow and build so that you … Continue reading

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It’s barefoot running week

About two years ago I was getting a drink with a running friend of mine at a bar in New York City after running the NYC Marathon. Like many New York runners, my friend (who lives in NYC) frequents Central Park for her training runs. That morning she was describing a scene from one of her morning runs in the park. “Kathy, they weren’t wearing any shoes! They were just jogging along barefoot and completely ignoring the dirt, cement, seeds, … Continue reading

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