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You may know Tim Cigelske as the Beer Runner, but he is also a coach entering his fifth season training runners for the half and full marathon. In this blog he will chronicle the journey of his first season coaching runners with DetermiNation Milwaukee, a team that raises money for the American Cancer Society while preparing for the Madison Marathon on May 27. For more, check out his Beer Runner blog!

How one runner lost 198 pounds

Mike Bauler has lost 198 pounds since last January and has completely turned his life around. This May, he will be completing his first ever marathon while running with DetermiNation. In this Q+A, he explains how he did it. How did you start? I played football in college so any running distance over 100 Meters was discouraged. I have always been competitive, but nearly 30 there are not many options athletically besides beer league softball (which I play too). I … Continue reading

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The beginner’s guide to spring weather gear

Spring can be a schizophrenic season, alternating between winter and summer-like temperatures. My advice: Be prepared for both when you step out the door. For that, here are some basic pieces of gear that can keep you warm, cool and/or dry — and combat any other elements spring can throw at you. Windbreaker outer layer Sometimes the wind can be chilly or uncomfortable, even if it’s warmer outside. That’s when a lightweight windbreaker shell can help in the unpredictable spring … Continue reading

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Running bracketology

Since it’s March, everything needs to be turned into a win-or-go-home tournament competition. Running workouts will be no exception. This bracket helps illustrate that there’s more to running than just a standard, straight-ahead, moderate-pace jog. You can and should be mixing up your workouts to use different muscles and avoid burn-out. Here’s  some quick definitions of each type of run. Mile repeats  Typically done on a track, these 4-lap intervals are typically run at roughly 10K race pace with 1-3 … Continue reading

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Improve your time with a speed strategy

A good friend of mine recently had a breakthrough time on a three-mile run. Like most runners, this only whetted his appetite to keep improving. He emailed me for some advice on pacing. “When you run for time/distance,” he asked, “do you run at the same pace the entire time or do you sprint for sections of the run?” The larger question here is how and when should you step it up and get outside your comfort zone. Even if … Continue reading

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Add running to your done list

I’m a compulsive list-maker of things to do, which I leave laying around my desk, house drawer, an assortment of electronic files or in random pockets. As a result, I find old to-do lists all the time that are so dated they’ve become “done” lists. I like these lists even more, because usually enough time has passed to make everything on the list either accomplished or no longer relevant. I prefer to focus on what I’ve checked off these lists, but … Continue reading

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You can do more than you realize

My name is Tim, and some of you may know me as the Beer Runner. You can forget that right now. I’m still running and drinking beer every day, and this week I’ll mark 500 consecutive days of partaking in both. I’m still writing about the intersection of craft beer and fitness over at my Beer Runner blog. But that’s not what this is about. Here on the dailymile blog, I’m going to chronicle my experiences as coach of DetermiNation … Continue reading

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