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A Midwest-based digital journalist, author and 2011 dailymile team ambassador, Ilona loves trail running, forest hiking, road biking, open water swimming, free weights, meditation and yoga. Aiming to balance her love of motion with the sedentary and still pursuits of research and writing, she hearts dailymile because it keeps her moving, laughing, learning and growing.

Running on Paleo: What’s fueling you?

Important note: This post is meant to be informative, NOT a promotion of the Paleo diet. Please do your own research. See your own doctor/nutritionist before making any change in your diet. I’m not, nor is dailymile, compensated in any way for the following recommendations and links. Nor am I suggesting that you run out and buy everything (be they products or even ideas) shared here. Personal homework time! It seems everywhere you turn these days, you stumble on something … Continue reading

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dailymission redux: Best running videos

It’s hump day. Ready to get your incline on? Big smile on my face today because I love motivational, funny or thoroughly creative running videos or ads. Esp when I have hill work. How about you? A recent dailymission asked, “What is your favorite YouTube video about running?” Here, my fav and a few of yours, too. Thanks for the amazing shares, DMers! Keep ‘em coming. Keep passing them on. Each so super insightful and delightful. First up, Kris R. posted … Continue reading

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National Park Week: Seize the trail

“We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” ~ Aldo Leopold, father of ecological ethics and true Wisconsin hero May’s Running Times has a 4-page commentary in which founder Ed Ayres reflects on the state of running since the magazine’s launch 35 years ago. Since then, running has boomed from being a favored endeavor of a few thousand … Continue reading

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Ready? Set. Boston!

Are you a hardcore Boston Marathon junkie, or a newbie like me? In terms of media coverage, the Boston Marathon is the most popular single-day sporting event in the U.S. behind the Super Bowl. But, as a casual runner who only started racing two years ago, this American institution was somewhat of an enigma to me. I haven’t Bucket Listed Boston (or any other marathon, for that matter) yet, or plotted it on my race calendar. I have yet to run even a first small local … Continue reading

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Fuel + Fire (#4): Stick With It

In a dailymission last year on favorite motivational quotes, DMers Chelsie and Molly E. picked Winston Churchill’s rousing “Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, give up.” (Also repeated as “Never never never give up.”) The full Churchill speech was given October 29, 1941, while visiting Harrow School after the Blitz during World War II. Snip: But for everyone, surely, what we have gone through in this period, this is the lesson: Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, … Continue reading

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dailymile community snares : 04/01/12

The dailymile community keeps sharing some amazing content. Enjoy! Special 5K | Grade school friends Evan S. and Jeremy C. cross the finish line mere moments from one another at the Coast Fest 5K. They hadn’t seen each other since they were caught passing a note in Mrs. Anderson’s class 10 years earlier. That’s showing her! Dog Daze | Could you say no to this mug? Carrie says that her dog has a special way of letting her know whenever … Continue reading

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Form focus exercises: Train your brain to run better

Although I’ve been a casual runner most of my adult life, I only started entering races in the summer of 2010. (In fact, it was a dailymile friend, now a real world running buddy, who inspired me to start racing. Don’t you just love that about this place?) I didn’t run in high school or college, so never benefited from the advice of a track coach. Published twenty years ago, Running Injury Free was the only such book I ever … Continue reading

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dailymile community shares : 03/26/12

Pow! Reading this won’t zap that zero, sorry. But these random dailymilers may just inspire you to get out and do something. Take THAT, creeping case of the Mondays! (G)race Blasts | Clockwise: Lisa C. (in blue below, beaming w/a friend in pink) completed the Mercer Island Half with her tri team. PRing speedsters Alyssa (punching through her first half with 13 straight sub-8 miles) and Angela sprinted through the Oakland Half. Looking strong and cute, and rockin’ that ‘I … Continue reading

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dailymile community shares : 03/21/12

They say an image is worth a thousand words. Race images. Photos of the great outdoors. Inspirational quotes. Other memorable, funny or insightful things recently shared on dailymile. Presented with no particular rhyme or reason or reward. Maiden Sail | Ally S. took an amazing race day photo at the Virginia Beach Shamrock Shuffle Half. Fellow dailymiler Joe M. pointed out something significant about his racing flats: They’re Boston-bound, and this was their first test drive. 6:23 pace. BOOM! Trail … Continue reading

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Fuel + Fire (#3): Fear Not

“I am not afraid.” Those are the words stamped on a necklace worn by Olympic runner Kara Goucher. In a blog post last spring, she reflected on fear, saying: “No matter who you are or what your passion is, trying to do something as well as you can possibly do it is challenging, and with challenges comes fear.” The elite runner certainly knew a thing or two about the matter. Two weeks later she’d line up to race in the … Continue reading

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