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    Tom S.'s Photo
    Best PP W/O Ever 3 mi 00:38

    Motivated by the killer w/o's of my fellow DM'ers, I stepped it up a bit today: Core w/o(8 min plank), chest presses, leg lift routi...

    Cheney, KS – ago
    Matt F.'s Photo
    Home to River Trail 12 mi 01:53

    Woke up early for this aerobic 12 miler. Too early, in fact. It was still way too dark out. So I waited until the sun came up and he...

    Lansing, MI – ago
    Craig O.'s Photo
    Relaxing post work 13.2 mi 00:55

    66f 14 mph wind good post work ride

    Bismarck, ND – ago
    Mike K.'s Photo
    Womack loop 6.27 mi 01:05

    There was a fair bit of condensation on the windows and the sun was starting to show but what the heck. Took a page from one of Sher...

    Atlanta, GA – ago
  • Rina M.'s Photo

    At the turnaround of my bike ride. Forgot to stop the Garmin for the 10 min it took me to take this. Oops! :+)

    Bathurst, NB – ago
  • Luna's Photo

    hiking up, running down... (a case of bad self control). Trails from yesterday's hike. (repost from FB)

    – ago
  • Frederick's Photo

    #dailymission Do you keep a training journal? I log on DM, often adding a comment or two to the stats, plus pics now and then. I als...

    La Crosse, WI – ago
    Jill F.'s Photo
    6 mi 00:54

    Felt cooler to start but still drippy til the end. 3 tempo miles but was just all over the place this morning. Couldn't talk the l...

    Mountain Top, PA – ago
    Barry S.'s Photo
    Dillons /tempo 11.25 mi 01:35

    Woke up late, and had to drive to the store instead of running there to make it on time. Enjoyed the warmup mile, good to see some p...

    Wichita, KS – ago
    David G.'s Photo
    Cochran Shoals 3.36 mi 00:27

    Parked at the end of Columns and did a quick little out and back to the Cochran Shoals parking lot. Kind of humid, but not bad.

    Orlando, FL – ago
    Patty S.'s Photo
    5 mile loop - Brant - Prospect - Dynes - Woodward 8.05 km 00:47

    Perfect clear, cool, dry weather = speedy legs! I came up behind this Asian girl wearing jeans and white leather running shoes, who ...

    Burlington, ON – ago
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