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    Pierre M.'s Photo
    Light and milly 4 km 00:33

    Timed it so I finished 4k at exactly 33 minutes. Then a slow cool down after. This was a fast walk with a few bouts of jogging while...

    ON, CA – ago
    Richard V.'s Photo
    This morning 10 km

    Felt much better than yesterday's run

    Oakville, ON – ago
    Ann H.'s Photo
    stuff 00:45

    Squeezed in a short workout at lunch. Some core, some upper body, some PT. I’m going to start doing less arm stuff since I can swim ...

    Boston, MA – ago
    Sue R.'s Photo
    Indoor Trainer 47.77 mi 02:24

    805.07/6300 Biking with Steve Harvey stand up comedy and a couple episodes of Whose Line Is It Anyway! Laughing sure takes your mind...

    – ago
  • David G.'s Photo

    For Peneloperae :-) I don't know if this was ever an actual working phone:-)

    Orlando, FL – ago
  • Lynton K.'s Photo

    Before the Shuffle yesterday: me, Charlyn C., Eric D., Manuel A C., Maggie W., Pete, Mo and some other folks I don't know. Bonus: Se...

    Chicago, IL – ago
    Keith H.'s Photo
    Operation Endurance 6 Hour 27.04 mi 05:11

    Well, this is marathon (or longer) 35 completed. No knee pain during the race, and none since (so far). Considering that my longes...

    Columbus, GA – ago
    Milene V.'s Photo
    Longue run fin 10 km 00:58

    Douleur à la hanche et au genou, je suis fière de mon effort. Une côte et un cours de yoga la veille sont sans doute à l'origine de ...

    Quebec City, QC – ago
    Jon D.'s Photo
    Early Monday 4.01 mi 00:31

    Nice 4 miles at 6am. Good start to the day. 3 weeks from today.. Boston.. Wow.

    Fargo, ND – ago
    Mattia M.'s Photo
    Storm the Campus UCF - HELL YEAH! 10.01 mi 01:37

    This race was perfect for me, and I ran one of my best races ever! I ran non stop, and I didn't even stop or walk when I was drinkin...

    Lake Mary, FL – ago
    Miguel R.'s Photo
    Sligo creek 8 mi 01:25

    8:43 AM. Recovery run with S Elizabeth Z. and best part was breakfast made by Gracie :)

    Rockville, MD – ago
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