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    Darrell G.'s Photo
    Consistency Is The Key! 9 mi 01:12

    (4:40 AM - 73°) Today's Tempo Tuesday went well. Next week's Tempo Tuesday falls on July 4th -- my annual participation in the world...

    Jacksonville, FL – ago
    Frederick's Photo
    10 Miles Stationary Cycle 10 mi 00:34

    So this is what happens? I'm driving home from the triathlon yesterday morning -- it was barely 11 o'clock and no more than 30 min...

    La Crosse, WI – ago
    Pope Jan's Photo
    Getting it done. 00:08:00

    It was quarter to midnight. By rights I should already have been in bed. But following Pierre M.'s late-night example and goaded on...

    Lyon, FR – ago
    Sue R.'s Photo
    Fat Frogs and Solo 60.59 mi 03:17

    642.70/701 June Biking Miles To Beat!!! PHEW!!! Tired now!!! Only 58.3 miles to blow by last years June miles!!!!

    – ago
  • Harry K's Photo

    So lucky 🍀 to get this shot of this heron on the D&R Canal Towpath today. Usually takes off before I can get anywhere near. June 2...

    Franklin Township, NJ – ago
  • Michael S.'s Photo

    Just wish this coolness could last until Peachtree.

    Cumming, GA – ago
  • Mike K.'s Photo

    Not a bad destination for a turnaround. “Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.” ― ...

    Atlanta, GA – ago
    Pierre M.'s Photo
    Loop and hill 5.9 km 00:40

    Easy loop and hill repeat. My legs were really sore and sad, haven't had time to heal up since the 10K race due to all the renovatio...

    ON, CA – ago
  • Ric M.'s Photo

    Running in Florida -- what's not to miss? ;-) Good to be back in the mountains though.

    Idyllwild Pine Cove, CA – ago
    Andrea S.'s Photo
    Dry & Shingle Creek loop 14 mi

    Up Dry Creek, down Shingle Creek with Francie. Started early to beat the heat. Stepped on a locust thorn and it went through my shoe...

    Boise, ID – ago
  • Frederick's Photo

    No finisher medals this year...another T-shirt. Daughter-in-law Diane says she will make a quilt out of all of these shirts one day.

    La Crosse, WI – ago
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