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    Jeanine's Photo
    10 mi 01:28

    First run in a little over a week. Took it easy today

    Bucks county – ago
    Sue R.'s Photo
    Fat Frogs "A" Train!!!! 68.34 mi 03:59

    1462.57/6300 581.01/? for June 2016 FIRST BIT OF GOOD NEWS IS THAT I BLEW PAST MY OLD RECORD FOR JUNE, THAT WAS 575 MILES!!!! I...

    – ago
    Jesse H.'s Photo
    Patriot Run 5k crystal lake,IL 3.1 mi 00:26

    Sunday's Race.....Very Very Humid didn't do as good as I wanted calfs were too tight the whole race didn't want to stop so just chug...

    Harvard, IL – ago
  • Wilt A.'s Photo

    #dailymission Is there a race you regret? Not really. There have been times I've regretted the human race, but reading some of the p...

    Rochester, NY – ago
  • Pierre M.'s Photo

    I just got a 'what you were doing 5 years ago' update from Facebook, where it appears that in 2011 I was walking with a cane... took...

    ON, CA – ago
  • Sue R.'s Photo

    http://www.bambury.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/EgyptianCottonBeachTowels95_640.jpg WHO WILL GET THE BEACH TOWELS?!?!?!? WH...

    – ago
    Mike K.'s Photo
    Womack Loop 6.7 mi 01:17

    Well the weather report said less humidity this morning and I foolishly believed them. Ugh, what a slog. Not really where I hoped ...

    Atlanta, GA – ago
  • Kim B.'s Photo

    I took Cooper for a walk this morning and found this little baby! I'd been seeing deer in this spot for a few weeks. Mom was in the...

    WI – ago
    Ann H.'s Photo
    rainy recovery 42.9 mi

    Whew! I had a positively glorious ride this morning in a steady summer downpour. It started raining within ten minutes of being out ...

    Boston, MA – ago
  • Emily H.'s Photo

    Ultimate Runner 400m straightaway. I wasn't fast, but you can tell I was working hard!

    Winston Salem, NC – ago
    Amy M.'s Photo
    dillons 7.06 mi 00:59

    Fun run thru the dark park with some funny people. Peaked at Mile 2 with a 7:58… after that I just wanted Jen and Linda to tell me s...

    Wichita, KS – ago
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