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    Deirdre G.'s Photo
    Work campus run 5.38 km 00:36

    I find I sometimes lose motivation during my (up to) 1 hour drive home so I decided to run near work today and then come home. Work...

    Swords, IE – ago
    Karla G.'s Photo
    Some Sort of swim 3000 yd 01:00

    A decent swim today after my arms got back with the new form and stopped going wild on me. Got into work just as the email from the...

    Wichita, KS – ago
    Ken W.'s Photo
    shakefront lakeout 7.07 mi 00:52

    Was giving my PC the middle finger quite a bit this morning so I made sure I went out for a run. Felt good. Then I stopped and picke...

    Chicago, IL – ago
  • Karla G.'s Photo

    Has anyone ever had their running sticker stolen from their vehicle (ie 13.1, 26.2, 70.3, 140.6)?? I can't imagine anyone actually...

    Wichita, KS – ago
  • Leo D.'s Photo

    I've thought of a name for my tri bike; Trixie. She's red/white like the Mach 5 and she's always telling me Go, Speed, Go! Oh, and...

    San Pedro, CA – ago
    Bryan I.'s Photo
    Boston Marathon 26.46 mi 02:57

    This race is simply amazing! Travel the world and you will not find an experience like this one! The sea of runners that never end...

    Winchester, VA – ago
  • Ivorman F.'s Photo

    ''London Marathon: fresh cheating claims against 'miracle' runner'' Οι μαλάκες, είναι παντού οι ίδιοι... Ο συγκεκριμμένος, προσπαθε...

    Athens, GR – ago
  • Eric S.'s Photo

    Eloquently stated.

    St. Louis, MO – ago
  • Stevie M.'s Photo

    How can you not enjoy running when you have that beauty in front of every step.. Love this.. I just could not resist a shot.

    Bridgwater Somerset United Kingdom – ago
    Giannis D.'s Photo
    Δημοτικό Στάδιο Αμπελοκήπων 12.06 km 01:03

    W15D3 Satr. 2x1600 + 2x1200 + ....... Target: 10min warm up 2x1.600 at 6.08 rest 3min 2x1.200 at 4.32 rest 2min 2x800 at 2.5...

    Thessaloniki, GR – ago
  • Shannon H.'s Photo

    Right onto Boylston

    Haverhill, MA – ago
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